Crack Sealing Machine GD5X-120

Crack Sealing Machine GD5X-120

Specially used to sealing the crack and crevices in the pavement of express ways,highways,municipal streets and airports after new opening and heavy repaired.After notched by crack router and sealing by special sealing glue,ensure the whole usability and working time.

1.Main Technical Parameter

Item Name


Gasoline Engine

Honda Series

Feeding Pump

The imported oil pump cycle heating type 2CG―2

Rated Power


Burner Device

Light oil burner

Net Weight

250 KG

Toolkit Volume

30 L

Output Hose

5 M Import electric heating tube

Temperature Control system

Omron automatic control, computer LCD screen

Heating Mode

Indirect heating and heat conduction oil external oil circulating heating pump

Conveying Mechanism

External type material pump, the infinite speed regulation control, can be positive and negative actions

Liquid Tank

120 L

Heat conduction oil consumption

15 L

Filling and sewing the material heating time

Room temperature 40 minutes

Feeding mouth specifications


Lose Glue Pump

Continuously Variable Transmission

Mixing way

Automatic Continuously Variable Transmission

Attached File

Built-in tools and accessory tools

2.Performance Feature
2.1.Security and humanized design: With a spring shock absorber and gas spring shock absorber dual shock absorption system, greatly improving the safety performance of walking, hot melt kettle has two front and rear feed port, feed pump switch located in the operating handle, easy to operate construction.
2.2.High performance generator: Generator with 2.3 kilowatt diesel generator, easy to start. High-quality silent generator, can provide stable and efficient power source for the filling and sewing machine, and fully guarantee the work efficiency in daily road maintenance. Stable and reliable,  low noise, low pollution.
2.3.Temperature control box: Japan Omron brand dual digital LCD temperature controller timely display and adjust the heat transfer oil temperature, sealant temperature and irrigation hose temperature, temperature display intuitive and accurate, through three centralized temperature distribution switch can be controlled independently, easy to be operated. Through the temperature controller, according to customer choice of different types of sealant set the control temperature, you can automatically monitor the temperature, control the machine's working condition, improve work efficiency and save fuel consumption.
2.4.Irrigation gun: The unique electric control switch on the handle of the gun can remotely control the pump and reduce the waste of sealant.
2.5.Heat conduction oil system: Melt with a heat transfer oil hot melt kettle, indirect heating, the temperature can be adjusted on demand, automatic temperature control system, will never burn the filling material. The hot melt kettle thermal transfer oil sandwich design than similar products using less heat transfer oil, to further improve the heating rate, reduce the replacement cost.
2.6.Special geometry structure of the combustion chamber: Flame to 45 degrees oblique angle to the combustion chamber wall, not with the hot-melt kettle in direct contact with the hot room air, combustion, high heat utilization.
2.7.Discharge hose: 220V 4.8 meters long electric heating hose, the middle of the hose is not connected to avoid the similar products in the hose and spray gun combined leakage of hidden dangers, 270 degrees on demand free rotation, longer life, high resistance hose fold fully meet the road maintenance in the construction of horizontal and vertical cracks in the actual work needs to ensure that the largest construction area.
2.8.Minimum loading height: The whole structure is compact, reasonable, the operation bit and stuffing mouth is low, the inlet mouth with a splash plate, improve the safety of feeding operation, the material box and the hose has insulation materials,to avoid scalding operators.To ensure easy feeding operation, effort and safety.
2.9.Electric agitator: Mixer motor imported brand variable speed motor motor, simple structure, easy to use, easy to maintenance.
2.10.Moving WayElectric walking: Small size, light weight, both trailer / electric walking are ok, just two people can carry out construction.
2.11.Grouting nozzle mouth to facilitate replacement: According to the crack and the road surface using the appropriate gun mouth, irrigation joints to achieve the best results.

3.Detail Picture



4.Construction Samples



quarry, coal-mining industry, building stones of sand field, concrete and waste recycling, construction waste processing, fine crushing and reshaping of materials, constantly mobile working environment, etc.

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