Chip Spreader DAS-4000 (DAS-6000)

Chip Spreader DAS-4000 (DAS-6000)

It is a kind of special equipment can spread kinds of chips with sizes no more than 30mm, is one of the key equipment in chip sealing construction. A certain specifications of chips can be spread onto the road surface and base continuously, quantitatively, evenly right after the asphalt spraying. It is mainly used to spread aggregate/chips for construction of upper course on low graded highway or for construction of new surface with chip sealing technology. It also can be used for paving maintenance on the surface of high graded road. It is the most advanced spreader at present in China with great width (maximum width can be up to 6 meters), autonomic and intelligence.
It is suitable to spread aggregate/chips for construction of under course on high graded asphalt pavement, and also can be applied to spread chips on low graded road for construction of upper course.




Aggregate Size(mm)



Spreading Width(mm)

(Difference at 250)

(250~3000 Difference at 250,3000~6000 Stepless Adjustable)

Max. Spreading rate (L/m2)



Min. Spreading rate(L/m2)



Spreading  Speed(km/h)



Max. Travel Speed  (km/h)



Total Mass(kg)



Overall Dimension

Transporting Dimensions



Working Dimensions



Engine Model















1.Main Technical Parameter
2.Performance Feature
2.1. Large range of spraying quantity can meet the spreading requirements for variety of aggregates.
2.2. Hydraulic telescopic design enabled the flexible adjusting of spreading wide;
2.3. The openness of aggregate door and spreading speed are proportionally controlled. Spreading rate will not be affected by the truck speed;
2.4. Belt feeding of the material is controlled by level indicator. Materials feeding can be finished automatically;
2.5. Auger conveying of the material is controlled also by level indicator. Materials can be conveyed continuously;
2.6. The auger and roller are driven by independent motor and will not interfere with each other;
2.7. Hydraulic driven introduced in the walking system. The moving of truck is stable and the travel speed can be adjusted easily. The cleaning, repairing and maintenance of equipment tends to be convenient; 
2.8. The receiving hopper introduces hydraulic control, which reduced the residual amount of aggregates after spreading work;
2.9. Self-locking tow hooks enabled the convenient connection and disconnection of spreader and dumper during spreading. The height of hooks can be adjusted accordingly to catch with the traction rod on dumper.
2.10. High efficient diesel engine can meet the working requirement in different environment and with different loading capacity.
2.11. Full hydraulic steering system applied on the truck makes the turning to be more flexible.
2.12. Stable and high efficient hydraulic braking system applied on the truck makes braking performance of the vehicle to be more superior.
2.13. Movable seat (operation console) applied to improve the vision of operator. Operation turns to be more intuitive.
3.Construction Samples



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