Chip Spreader DAS-3500

Chip Spreader DAS-3500

The DAS-3500 chip spreader is mainly used to spreading chips after the asphalt spraying work for prime coat, tack coat and water-proof coat in road construction of high level. It also can be used for the construction work of country road with smaller traffic flow. Pls. see figure 1 for the outline of the chip spreader.
DAS-3500 Chip Spreader is designed in hanging structure. It is hanged at the back end of the dumper truck to work with the tilter to be lift up at 35°~45°. The spreading rate can be adjusted through the changing of gate openness and motor speed. These two methods should be done at the same time.

The 1.Main Technical Parameter



Aggregate Size(mm)


Spreading Width(mm)

(Difference at 250)

Max. Spreading rate (L/m2)


Min. Spreading rate(L/m2)


Spreading  Speed(km/h)


Total Mass(kg)


Overall Dimension










2.Performance Feature
2.1. The allowed aggregate size is ranging widely, which can meet the spreading requirements of aggregate for majority.
2.2. The spreading rate is even irrespective of the truck speed.;
2.3. The spiral speed is in step with the material roller, which is good for the material transfer


Note: All Specifications are subject to change without Notice

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